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Thoughts On Cat Parenthood

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Someday, when we have kids for real, there will be two fuzzy children who will either be somewhat miffed to find new people occupying our time, or delighted that there is someone else to follow around.

It’s Friday, so thanks to my summer schedule of four 10s, that means I have the day off. It’s not quite Saturday, but I’ve been treating these days as my time to accomplish things like running errands and entertaining cats. This morning we had a company come to give us an estimate on a swamp cooler. They came in higher than the first estimate, so we’ll see where the third group comes in before we make a call. As such, Harley and Antigone had to hang out in the downstairs bathroom for a bit. They didn’t yowl or carry on, but they unwound the toilet paper just to remind me what they thought about their confinement.

And that’s okay. That’s what our fuzzy kids do. They act up when they are displeased, they cry when they’re hungry and as soon as the key is turned in the lock, they’re right there at the front door to say hello.

People who say disparaging things about cats clearly have not known a wide enough variety of cats.

  • Cats are too impersonal.
  • They don’t do anything but lounge around all day.
  • Their boxes are stinky. Etc. Etc.

I’m even guilty of that.

I was very resistant to the idea of adopting a female cat when we were trying to agree on which of Mocha’s litter to adopt. I’d never had very good experiences with my friends’ female cats. My experience was that female cats would only ever get close to one person and that was it.

Antigone decided that Owen would be her cat-Dad so we compromised and Harley came into the mix because he was my favorite. It’s been a pretty good compromise all things considered.

Last night Antigone went down to Ravenholm (our basement) and declared all of her adventures to me by shoving her cobweb strewn whiskers in my face. I told her she was a brave girl and she flopped on my lap for a good five minutes. We recently assembled a new desk for the office and Harley has proceeded to shed his stamp of approval all over it.

Maybe they would be more aloof if they were solo cats? Maybe she’d be less affectionate and more territorial if they didn’t tussle every once in a while?

I don’t know. All I know is that they like to be where their people are and I don’t think I would have it any other way.



Pardon My Dust

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I’m trying to make my life easier/slightly more organized.

This means:

  • Folding a couple shirts from the couch where they landed aand taking them upstairs and putting them away.
  • Getting my rear into shape to train for the Susan G. 5K.
  • Tackling our project list.
  • Condensing my old blog, ninjamechanic, and only having to worry about writing in one place.

And that is why my archives suddenly grew.

We start summer hours in June which means I will have Fridays off and, therefore, will MAKE time to write and update regularly.

Until the dust settles, have a cat.