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Monthly Archives: September 2012

New Addition

I’ve been a little distracted recently. And by a little, I mean big, life-changing kind of distracted.

We’re going to have a baby.

Okay, really I’m going to have the baby and my pirate mister is just along for moral support and trips to Kroger for cravings runs (Seriously. Who craves baked potatoes? Apparently I do.).

But I like to think of it more are a we thing because Owen and I are a team. We even like the sound of the word.

All of a sudden though I am looking at the way we live and wondering how we’re going to make this fixer-upper house work with a small person crawling around. Granted it will be a while before the kidlet will be that mobile, but thinking about all that still needs to be done around the house is now extra daunting.

I am doing my best to not be stressed out during my pregnancy by basically ignoring stressors. This avoidance strategy has always worked in the past.

For example:

The green space that is our weed-infested lawn needs to be mowed?
Meh. Not if you don’t go outside when it’s daylight.

Do I actually have clean socks for tomorrow?
Probably. That’s why my sister sent me a box of socks as a care package right?

It’s better this way. I think.

Between now and the end of April 2013, this will be transformed from a space that is sparsely used, to a kid-friendly bedroom to grow into.

Gender neutral colors and a Tardis bookshelf for starters. My writing desk/craft desk will have to find a new home. As will the drying rack actually. But those are minor details.

This is going to be brilliant!