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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Took a wrong turn at the game of Life

I didn’t so much take a wrong turn, as I stumbled onto the Busy Busy All-the-time interchange and can’t seem to get back.

Fall classes are going awesome. Brakes I and II wrapped up and segued right into the week-long engine removal class. That concluded last Monday and now we’re on the fast-track for engine repair.

The afternoon electrical class is also equally rewarding. So far I’ve cleaned three batteries. Which is really not at all high maintenance but has brought a Ninja Mechanic related issue to my attention. Maintenance-free batteries are not maintenance free.

Once upon a time, batteries needed regular attention and sometimes additional fluid to keep their electrolyte level in top shape. Then along came the maintenance-free battery that had a little gauge to tell you when it needed attention. To my understanding that took the guessing game out of when to tend to your battery, but you still need to check under the hood every once in a while.

Case in point:
-For Skills this past week I brought in my aunt’s Chevy Tracker for an oil and air filter change as a belated birthday present to her. When I went to pop the hood and go to town, the Chevy’s blue fuzzy battery caught my attention. Batteries should not, under any circumstances, be blue and fuzzy.

Later this week I’ll have a post on easy at-home battery maintenance, but for right now I’ve gotta clock in for the night.

Skills 10-30-09
3.5 hours
-Oil and air filter change
-Battery maintenance
-Tire change