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Getting our plumbum on

In theory, we have four bathrooms.

At least that’s what the official description of the house claims. Four rooms plumbed as though they were bathrooms. In reality it’s one full bathroom, two 3/4 bathrooms, and one 1/2 bath.

Right now we have the sum total of one bathroom spread over two floors and three rooms.

Only one toilet works (on the ground floor), one bathroom sink (in our closet), and one shower that hilariously leaks onto the floor from some mysterious portal somewhere near the taps. Taking care of your morning constitutional is enough to commence your morning aerobic workout. Well. At least a warmup.

This is probably part of why my aunt insists that we have “such a big house.” She lives in the house my mom and her siblings grew up in. My grandfather’s family built it and over the years it has undergone the gradual evolution that has led to it being the house where my aunt lives today. Originally, the house didn’t even have one bathroom. In the 1950s, when my mom and her sisters were growing up, they still had an outhouse. I guess when you look at it that way the Jade House is quite expansive.

Like everything else, we’ll address the plumbing one step at a time. Right now, our main focus is repainting, laying down new floor and getting all of the boxes out of the garage. Maybe this will happen before it snows? We’ll see. Since it’s only Owen and I and the cats, there’s really no deadline for getting these things done. Besides, even having the one fractured bathroom is a major improvement over what it was like when took possession of the Jade House.

In the first few days of living here, before a plumber came to address our whole house leak, we had no running water at all. That inconvenience more than anything else in my 27 years has made me appreciate the value of modern plumbing. First thing in the morning we’d trundle over to McDonald’s and eat breakfast out just so we could use their bathrooms. We’d fill buckets of clean water at the library where I work and have access to the janitor’s closet.

It made me wonder how homeless people take care of their morning business. I still don’t really know, but given our enormous good fortune, I’d like to start doing something to make things better on a larger scale. But that’s another post for another time.