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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Intake 2011…exhaust 2010

This is just to say that Ninjamechanic is going on hiatus from its regular automotive centric programming for part of 2011.

This fall while working 3.5 jobs, I had the opportunity to reflect on what this blog is and where it’s going. It’s all my younger brother’s fault, honestly. He’s a senior philosophy major at university and for his final semesters has taken classes on digital media, digital storytelling and is crafting an independent study on specific video game content and the role of their political undertones. His course load makes me jealous primarily because:

a) those sorts of classes weren’t available when I went there
and b) they’re offered in the English department. My home turf. [grumble gripe]

What this has to do with this blog is that I realized I have no bloody idea what I’m doing with this thing. I don’t update it regularly and I don’t feel as though I have a competent grasp of my authorial voice. As such I’m going to take a step back and spend a bit of time just expanding on my content in an effort to become a better blogger. Consider this Ninjamechanic’s New Year’s resolution.

In 2011 I will:

-Blog more [woe to the Interwebs]
-Finish projects that I start [cue massive family history endeavor]
-Figure out a way to have a physical outlet [belly dancing? akido? yoga with a reference librarian?]
-Obtain my big girl toolbox

So here’s to trying daily to do things better.