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Identity Crisis

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I am beginning to wrap up my obligations to SkillsUSA. Our state conference concluded Friday and in theory, as soon as I hand off the scrapbook, I will no longer be reporter. However, before I can do that, I need to surrender the skillsreportergirl handle and pass ownership of Red Ink In Her Veins over to my other self.

It’s more confusing than it ought to be and I think I might give up for now and return a sense of normal to our living room instead.

Today, we moved the toolbox upstairs to the hall closet. Strange place for a toolbox except for the part where we’re doing more projects inside than outside. Also, we planted a toilet bowl full of petunias this weekend.

These things at least make perfect sense.


Weather We Like It Or Not

This state is truly remarkable.

Yesterday, 88 mph winds tore the siding off of our garage. Today, it’s snowing.

Maybe the siding removal means we’ll get to pick out a new color for our house!


So November

Right. October happened. Much like its predecessor months it kind of took me by surprise when it ended.

Now we are in the midst of NaNoWriMo (that thing where Owen and I write 50,000 word novels in a month because we’re crazy writer types) and getting on the Internet is something I’m only doing right now to update my word count.

Next month, the blog will resume, and I’ll get a posting schedule going, because that’s when we’ll get back to working on the house. Let’s just leave it at we’re currently showering in the basement, raking leaves that didn’t fall from our coniferous trees is awesome, and Halloween was a success.