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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Skills workshop — 2.5 hours

I’m going to be a little bit lazy and use the blog to record my volunteer time with the Skills program. So every once in a while I might go into techno geek mode to talk about the fun stuff we get to do under the hood for the program. Skills gives auto tech students a place and a chance to get hands-on experience working on cars. Hopefully, we’ll be able to expand the program over the semester to bring in non-auto tech students’ cars for oil changes and other routine maintenance.

There are two benefits to recording my work this way:

1) I don’t have to try and keep track of yet another log book (I had one in high school for my CAS hours with the IB program and several in college part I for RA and fencing stuff)


2) it forces me to make blogging more of a habit.

Skills learned today:

-Put a new battery in the shop’s Ford Ranger.

-Drained the Ranger’s oil and fixed the leak from the oil pan by putting on a new gasket. Apparently it was left off when some other folks changed the oil.

-Refilled the anti-freeze and discovered a leak from somewhere in the cooling system.

End result:

-The Ranger runs … it just now drips clear green fluid.

Next time, I promise I’ll talk about something more general.