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Holiday Crafting

It never fails.

Every holiday season I attempt to make things for people and then life happens, and general holiday hub-bub gets in the way and few, if any, crafts actually make it into folks’ hot little hands.

I even started early this year…amend that. I started as early as NaNo and my other distractions allowed. Bah.

Projects for this year included:

  • A Duck Tape Creeper stocking for my pirate mister
  • A lamp for my cousin*
  • Recipe cards for my aunt
  • A knitted red wooly cap for my friend
  • Various photography projects such as a Christmas card featuring our new little person


But that really only kind of happened.

The lamp is 85 percent complete. I (mostly) followed the tutorial but ran into some issues. Like the fact that I thought I had a better place to cut the wires other than right at the socket. Cutting them at the base may have worked, but I haven’t had the chance to test it out yet as when I bought the lamp base from Ikea I neglected to get the right size bulb. also, the light saber does too wobble and I am not sure if that is acceptable to my perceived level of personal craftmanship.

The recipe cards made good sense in my head, I just ran out of time before our Christmas Eve’s Eve celebration with my aunts. Turns out though that the intended aunt has a unique way of storing her recipes and delaying this one a bit will be a serendipitous thing. Now I can adjust my plans in order to accommodate her filing system which will greatly enhance the likelihood that she’ll try some of the veggie goodness I am sending her way.

I know better than to attempt knitted projects for Christmas unless they are already complete by the month of December. But she commutes to campus this year and a bit of her day consists of waiting out by the bus shelter. It’s cool though. Classes don’t start back up for another couple of weeks so if I knit like a fiend for the next couple of days, she might get it before May.

Meanwhile, we now have a garage door that opens and closes when you push a button and Mr. Pirate will be using part of his use-it-or-lose-it time off next week to sand the floors in the baby’s future room and in the library. As a result, we’ll be able to start putting the pirate/ninja baby’s room together soon.

So yes. Life is good and happy end of 2012 y’all!

*April, if you’re reading this, pretend to be surprised anyway, okay?