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Well Here We Are Again

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Wow. I’ve been quiet. Sorry about that.

Elle made her familial debut in July and we spent all but four days either traveling to visit or hosting family and friends. Good times, but I feel like I need to hide under a rock and recharge my internal batteries. 

Except that I won’t do that. My maternity leave is over so it’s time to find our new normal. My plan is to make time to write daily. Period. No excuses, just sit myself down and write either here or work on my latest novel-ish endeavor. Also, I think I am going to stick to using a pen name for the blog. I rather like that idea.

But for now, Elle and I are enjoying some quality cuddle time. Weeding and dishes and grocery shopping and behaving like a responsible adult can happen later.



About Amanda C.

Often described as "busy," Amanda C. is a mechanic with a B.A. in English; a mom who is doing OK; and a do-it-yourselfer who is sometimes clueless. She is also obsessed with roller derby.

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