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Suburban Wildlife and Hand-Painted Curtains

I think a rabbit lives in our shrubbery.

It’s scraggly shrubbery, but at least one bunny calls it home. Our neighbor has reported seeing at least two together, so maybe we’ll have wee bunnies hopping about someday.

No wonder the cats like to leer out the front window.

But the real reason for this post (other than my “Ooh! Fuzzy!” moment) is to share our do-it-yourself closet “doors.”

Maybe door isn’t the right word. Maybe more of closet covering I suppose. Details.

When we moved in, there were only two accordion-style closet doors still barely hanging on to any of the closets. We addressed that early in the process by removing the offenders and moving on to the next project.

But it bugged me. Particularly the part where one of the now gaping holes was in the library where I wanted the space to feel less like a catch-all and more like a library. A home furnishings store was going out of business at about that time and I went a little crazy buying curtains that could work wherever without much concern for the overall color scheme. In an act of desperation, I tossed one of the curtains up on an expandable tension rod and rather liked it.

The idea of covering the closets in this fashion has since become something of a habit. We have a curtain in the podling’s future room and a curtain concealing our toolbox at the top of the stairs.

For the entry-way though, we wanted more of a unifying look. Ultimately, we’d like to make the downstairs something of a Steampunk space. We’ll use the fireplace as a centerpiece and also draw attention to the Desk of Doom Owen inherited from his great-grandmother. Until we can agree on how to retro fit the doorbell cover though, the Steampunk plan will have to wait.

The pass through to the kitchen, however, could not and needed some way of concealing our coats. With baby incoming, I’ve also felt a little bit frugal these past couple of months so I wanted this to be as inexpensive as possible.

Since I couldn’t find any curtains for cheap that I liked and I’m not nearly good enough with a sewing machine to trim my own, I decided to completely fabricate them instead using canvas drop cloth and grommets.

In all, the project took me two afternoons because I wanted to make sure the paint was good and dry but the grand total came in below $50.00 which included the brass curtain rods. Pretty sweet all things considered.

Extra bonus! I removed the unfriendly metal bars from our screen door and reused them as the design for my curtains.



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Often described as "busy," Amanda C. is a mechanic with a B.A. in English; a mom who is doing OK; and a do-it-yourselfer who is sometimes clueless. She is also obsessed with roller derby.

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