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One Year and Counting

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When we bought the house, people kept reminding us that even though it needed a lot of work, that was okay. We could fix it up and then move again in another couple of years to something newer/nicer/better.

I bristled at that. It took extreme force of will to respond politely and not jump down a well-meaning commenter’s throat.

But it stuck in my craw for days at a time. It bugged me that people would assume that we intended to just inhabit a place, make it our own and then drop it.

I chafed under the attitude that since we are young we either:

  • a) don’t know our own minds and had no long-term plans


  • b) we’re not ready to put down roots

The truth is though, we are ready to have roots. This is our Home now.

We moved because we were tired of renting. Tired of not being able to really put our mark on a place. Tired of just being temporarily in one place or another.

Now, after almost four years of living in Colorado, I feel like I can allow myself to be a part of this state. I can build community and look critically at the school system as a potential generator for little people to attend said schools.

It’s an alarming process this growing up business.

You play house as a kid or you build a pillow fort with friends. Either way, we play at claiming a place as our own. Maybe it’s just a part of our domestication as a species but saying, this is where you can find me is just another way of identifying who we are. This is who we are as a family. We are homeowners. We live here.

Here in this case is our clutter everywhere chaos kind of house. And it is good.



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Often described as "busy," Amanda C. is a mechanic with a B.A. in English; a mom who is doing OK; and a do-it-yourselfer who is sometimes clueless. She is also obsessed with roller derby.

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