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Our House — Covered In Bees

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In May, a colony of bees moved in under our siding. They built their hive above our dining room window and the cats have enjoyed watching them. We’ve been joking that our house is covered in bees, a la Eddie Izzard.

However, they had to go. Underneath our siding is no place for a beehive.

We started working with a bee keeper to have him come and encourage the bees to relocate to another hive so that we didn’t sustain any damage to the house. Only, right after Memorial Day, that guy stopped returning phone calls.

Scratch him off the independent contractor list.

Owen placed a call with another bee keeper and we just hoped that the bees were honey bees and not carpenter bees slowly carving up our house.

So this evening, I come home to find Ross from Sacred Life Seeds, suited up and taking care of bees-ness. He found the hive, under the siding, behind the insulation and up into the guts of the house.

Owen has enjoyed popping out from time to time to watch the progress.

Ross even shared some of the honey comb with us. Never before have I tasted something as naturally sweet and fragrant as this honey from our own house.

Maybe someday we’ll look into getting a hive of our own for the backyard and we’ll give Ross a call to teach us about keeping bees. In the meantime, I am just very glad to scratch another one off of the Jade House To Do List.


For all of your Boulder County Bee Needs:


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