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The Bright Side

Every now and then you just have those days where you’re glad it’s over and you can just restart. And even on those days I’m glad to have the hiccups of daily life.

So this is my bright side approach to the three hilariously crummy parts of this Wednesday.

  • Our roof was installed. It’s brown. It’s supposed to be grey.

At least we have a roof over our heads.

  • Today I spent my morning at the DMV and they snapped the photo while I’m pretty sure I was licking my lips.

It’s pretty cool that my work supported my pursuit of my CDL.

  • The van I was supposed to be working on today was taken by its driver before I even arrived.

I didn’t finish the service before the end of work as a result. Life is good though because the oil cap is in the top of my toolbox.

Yep. Life is good indeed.


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  1. Ha! Life is good! I can remember that horrible feeling when cleaning up at the end of the day and realizing that one of your tools was missing and checking off all the cars you had worked on to remember which one had your wrench in it. Was it worth getting the Service Manager to call and get the customer back to retrieve your wrench? Lucky times when the customer came back for more service and your wrench was still on the radiator support!! Even got one back when the customer traded in the car a week later! RGM


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