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Stylishly late to the party

I discovered this by accident this morning while checking on my “serious” writer work. And by serious I secretly mean the writing I’m doing these days to feel like a professional writer again.

Unfortunately, I think I missed the window for receiving the daily e-mails and prompts it being July and all. So that leaves me not only late to the party, but there on the wrong day when the hosts have gone on with their lives and the set-up crew has already moved on to start something new.

However, I will not be dissuaded. A friend once referred to me as the plucky, forward-thinking anachronistic heroine and dog-gone it if it’s not time for me to start acting like that again.

For now, this blog will be my non SkillsUSA and non mechanic writing blog. Taking a page from modernselkie, I might even include pictures from time to time.

I fancy I ought to be reflective more often. Essays even would be worth writing. This blog may never see traffic and that’s okay. I’ll think of it as what happened when my livejournal blog grew up, made mistakes and found a way to reconnect with who it likes to be…kind of like my own journey to date.



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  1. Amanda, I didn’t know about this blog. When Richard and Ben were talking about reading your blogs and what they were recanting wasn’t making sense to me…now all is revealed. Well not literally but figuratively, so I will make it a point to drop in once in awhile.


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