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I want to ride it where I like

Midweek post in celebration of Bike to Work Day!

Dear 25.5 Cyclists I saw on my way to the garage this morning,

Thank you for debunking my self-created myth that riding the 10 miles to the garage would be an unsafe ride. You with your bright yellow riding jackets and helmets certainly proved me wrong. Thanks also for getting Queen’s “Bicycle Race” stuck in my head today.

Happy riding folks and I hope you enjoyed your commute today!

<3s Ninjamechanic

In all seriousness though it was really incredible to see that many people on my morning commute when the average number of cyclists I see is two (the point five comes from the bus driver I saw with his helmet hung on the back of his seat…I know he rode into the garage this morning though!). One of the great things about living in this part of Colorado is the ease of accessing a bike path and getting around by bike. My mister rides his bike the 3 miles it takes him to get to work and if I could drag my lazy rear out of bed in the morning it's only a 6 mile ride for me to school.

Some folks might scoff at the "only a 6 mile ride" part but getting around by bike is a very novel thing for me. Having grown up in a suburb of D.C. it's perfectly normal that my dad leaves the house two hours before work in order to commute 27 miles. He's made this trek for the last 21 years any number of ways: carpool, bus, and currently the train. But never by bike for obvious safety reasons. For my parents, living any closer to work has never been feasible. That's why I completely geek out over the fact that this is a viable means of transportation.

I still worry about the cyclists though riding on the roads so here's some reminders for drivers, and cyclists, about how we can all share the road:
-Don’t be dumb.
-When you turn over your engine, turn on your driver awareness. Be aware of pedestrians aimlessly crossing the road and watch for cyclists’ hand signals.
-Give cyclists plenty of space. Just like you’d get over for a stopped police car, give cyclists some extra room too. It’s law in Colorado, but a good rule of thumb in general is to give cyclists 3 feet of space when driving.

-Don’t be dumb.
-Learn your hand signals. Let folks know what you’re doing before you do it.
-Decide whether you’re going to be like a small car on the road or a pedestrian on the sidewalk. Wherever you choose to be don’t mix up the rules and stop at all stop signs or dismount at crossings.
-Please be extra visible and invest in headlights and taillights if you’re going to be riding any time other than midday sunshine.


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