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Flat rates and why labor is so dang expensive

Really, this post is just a teaser of things to come. (Real things I promise…I have no idea what happened to August but I think it had something to do with vinyl and really nice weather.)

I disassembled a 1987 Chevy pickup truck’s steering column today. Just learning to take it apart with help took 2.5 hours. According to All Data, the standard when it comes to vehicle repair and shop rates, I should have been able to take it apart, fix the broken part, and put it back together in 1.7 hours.

The pieces of the assembly are scattered across three red shop rags and the dash board of the truck. According to the master tech who helped me, even if I worked on this particular type of vehicle daily, this task would still be a bear. A large black bear that will maul you over a garbage pail I might add.

More on why the steering column needed to come apart later. After sleep etc. This career choice seriously challenges my college part I resolution to eschew bedtime. Then again, I didn’t have to be functional around heavy equipment at o’dark thirty in college either.


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