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The wheels on the bus

My summer job working for the school district’s transportation department started yesterday.

From now until the end of August I get to do all the miscellaneous “easy” tasks on the school buses as they come in for their annual inspection. Easy is in quotes only because it covers all of the things that aren’t so technical that even me with my limited knowledge can help the trained technicians get the job done.

Once again I have gained a greater appreciation for the folks who clean up after the rest of the world.

Remember riding the school bus as a middle schooler and reading all the graffiti left behind by the high school kids? You always knew which seat was yours because of the “Metallica Rules!” or the “Ashley and Bradon FOREVER” tattooed in black ink on the brown vinyl. Yet every fall the territorial markings would be mysteriously gone.

Yep. That’s my job. Using industrial strength wipes to eliminate all the graffiti and wielding a mega-charged blow dryer and patch kit to repair all the little cracks in the seats. Failing that I also learned yesterday how to man-handle the seats to strap a new vinyl cover in place. My job description also covers removing and cleaning all the colored lenses on the backs of the buses. It’s remarkable how much grit accumulates there…and then under your nails…but those are minor details.

Bottom line — I’m employed (for a time) and thus am inspired again to post regularly.

Here’s a preview of blogs to come:
-The intricate procedure of naming a car
-Highway/roadside assistance sampler
-Antique cars and why we love them


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