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Fall classes

Just registered for fall classes and am very excited about the upcoming semester.

Here’s the lineup of fun things I get to learn:

*Brakes I
*Brakes II
*Basic Auto Electricity
*Battery, Starting & Charging
*Engine Removal & Installation
*Engine Repair & Rebuild

It’s odd. Registering for classes at community college is so very painless. On the Richter scale of educational headaches, my registering experiences as an undergrad clocked in around a 7.8 as an intense migraine. I’d usually have at least three alternative schedules drawn up because my choice classes would never be available. This time around it was a simple matter of going down the list and selecting what’s next in the lineup of required classes.

The good news for the blog is that by September I’ll have wicked cool hands-on things to talk about. Right now all I can really do for a car is an oil change and something that might resemble an inspection. In about five months though, all that will change.


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