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Nice rack

Today we practiced putting cars up on the racks, or lifts. For days our professor has told horror stories of racking cars gone wrong. Cars that were racked incorrectly and did magnificent belly flops on the shop floor. Mechanics he has worked with who failed to put the safety locks on before getting under the vehicle, then had their lives flash before their eyes when they were nearly crushed.

Little else drives the consequences of being stupid and hasty in the shop home though than this picture from

The text says it all

The text says it all

I can’t really say how exactly this photo happened, but see those yellow bars perpendicular to the large red lift? When a mechanic is working under a car, that yellow steel is all that’s allowing it to defy gravity.

Damage to a customer’s vehicle aside, it’s terifying to get under one of those things if you think about. Therefore, today I didn’t think about it. Much.

Kudos to my classmate though who had to watch all 17 of us play Houdini and elevate his Pathfinder up off the concrete floor. It’s nerve racking (no pun intended) getting the pads in place on the frame, then hoisting it up and down. Let alone watching a group of novice techs do it to your car over and over.


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